Out-of-Town Groomsmen

They can still be fitted!

Specializing in Out of Town Groomsmen

If you have Out of Town Groomsmen in your wedding no worries.

Its as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Sagets will supply you with information on where to be fitted along with a measurement form.
  2. You will email your measurements and a stylist will contact you shortly after to confirm sizing.
  3. Sagets at no charge will have your suit or tuxedo delivered to your doorstep 1 week before the wedding.

Ask for Details

Professional Tailor on Hand

When we receive the measurements, one of our experienced tailors will study them for accuracy.

At pick up, your groomsmen will work with one of our fully trained stylists to ensure a proper fit.

For out of town groomsmen, Sagets can arrange to have a tailor on hand, for any last minute alterations at no additional charge.

Sagets Formal wear will pay close attention to detail for each member of your wedding party.