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Sagets Formal Wear offers customized suits and shirts tailored to perfection in Radnor, PA. We provide a diverse range of colors and styles to suit every individual’s preference. Whether you’re envisioning a sophisticated maroon suit paired with a bowtie or a timeless black suit, we ensure your dream ensemble is ready within 24 hours.

Our commitment to flexibility extends to tailored shirts crafted to match your exact measurements. Contact Sagets Formal Wear today to explore our custom suit and shirt options, and experience impeccable style and fit in Radnor, PA.

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Looking for a day of dressing service in Radnor, PA? If so, look no further than Sagets Formal Wear for your day of dressing service needs. For wedding day services we offer personal dressers, wedding coordination, instruction, and valet services. Our personal dressers will ensure everyone is dressed properly and looks amazing.

Our wedding coordination services coordinate with the photographers for lovely photos of the group in their tuxedos or suits. Additionally, we offer instructions on how to wear the attire and valet services to and from the wedding. If you’re looking to boost your wedding day experience, Sagets Formal Wear has you covered.

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