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Sagets Formal Wear in Ardmore, PA, sets the standard for exceptional formal wear, offering a diverse selection of suits and shirts. Our commitment to customization ensures that each customer can personalize their formal attire to fit perfectly and align with their unique style preferences. We take pride in our flexibility, accommodating out-of-town guests, providing seamless day-of wedding services, and offering convenient virtual appointments. Whether you’re enhancing your formal wardrobe or preparing for a special occasion in Ardmore, PA, Sagets Formal Wear is your trusted source for impeccable formal wear!

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Out of Town Groomsmen Suit Fittings in Ardmore, PA

If you are planning a wedding fitting and some of your guests are out of town, then Sagets Formal Wear is the perfect place to go to. At Sagets Formal Wear, we understand that not all friends and family attending weddings are all from the same place. This is why we specialize in accommodating out of town groomsmen, so everyone can still look uniform at the wedding. We will send you an email asking for certain sizing requirements, and then find a suit that perfectly fits you. Whether you’re an hour away and can’t make the fitting or you live in a different country, we have the expertise and experience to get a suit for you!